About Us

Daphne Home Decor is dedicated to crafting exquisite rugs and home textiles that elevate any space with elegance and comfort. Our skilled artisans meticulously select premium materials and employ innovative techniques to ensure the highest quality and durability. Join us on a journey of creativity and craftsmanship as we bring luxurious design to life, committed to transparency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Explore our collection today and transform your home with Daphne's timeless pieces.

Our Story

The name of our brand comes from Erdem and Tugce's daughter, Daphne. Her name symbolizes family values and love. Daphne Home Decor is a name that reflects family bonds and the importance of home. Under this name, we commit to offering products that make every home more special and meaningful.

Business Startup

Our journey began with a powerful idea: crafting homes resonating warmth, care, and cherished memories. It all started with Daphne, symbolizing love and family values. This sentiment ignited our passion to create a brand beyond decor.
Discover our rug collection. Be part of our family. Elevate Your Home with Exquisite and Durable Rugs...
"Absolutely brilliant company, gorgeous products reasonable prices and the highest points for service, wouldn’t hesitate to buy from this company again."

Lynn Szweda

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Cat Morris

"I love thir rugs ! So pleased with it. The colours are perfect."

Ms. Morag Mitchell